Warmups – Breaking the Ice

I am attending a drama teachers’ professional development conference – part of the EARCOS Teachers Conference in Manila, Philippines. Incredible way to end the day. Gives a whole new meaning to ‘reach out and touch someone’.

2 thoughts on “Warmups – Breaking the Ice”

  1. Your website is great. I was hesitant to film. And in some ways, it was nice to go low with the tech this weekend. But I sure appreciate seeing all the work we did. I should have filmed…I should have filmed…

  2. I wish I had some of my own work filmed. We don’t often get this. Consumer culture. I have a shameless view of this – filming a lot of work – but I get long-lasting pleasure out of it, and that includes things like bootlegs of a Patti Smith concert in Manchester last year, etc. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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