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Shift. “A slight change in position, direction, or tendency.” What does it mean? What does it lead to? I ruminate on this as the world watches war re-enacted in the theatres within the theatre we all play a part in. Life. (I’m one of the lucky ones to still have mine intact.)


Shift. Inner peace…it’s elusive sometimes. Frequently, it’s a momentary adjustment we make in our minds, to get there. Watch how long it takes to slip away. Shift. Find our way back.


Shift. What does a ‘slight change’ mean in the longer term? At first, it could be so subtle, so unnoticeable, so secretive even (for we grasp at what we think so terribly ‘true’), and in the experiment…it’s obvious we’ve embarked on another path. An unchangeable new destiny. Sounds so grandiose, but it is that. A new destination.

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Shift. It need not be big. But it needs to be definite. Shift. Shift. Shift. A shift in position, viewpoint, opinion, certainty, uncertainty. Feel that. Shift. Direction to directionless, for once. Or vice versa. Confidence can grow in that, here and now, with humility. Shift. Shift your tendencies and watch yourself grow.

(Then tell me what you discover.)

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