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Ever had a dream that persisted? Some call it a calling or a whisper, a sign of something to come. Sometimes – in those dreams that come in the night – a different kind of dream – the dream is nonsensical. Jungian analysis helps with that.

Draw two lines down a page, vertically splitting a page into thirds. Write the the dream down in bits, slicing each concept, moment, person, entrance, exit into a ‘line’. Disassociate from the dream in the next column and write down what you associate with on each line. So, if you dream about screwing in a lightbulb, forget the storyline, and just respond to the concept of lightbulb or screwing in a lightbulb. Danger? Lighting up your life? The third column is for you to take each ‘part of you that is’ each part of the second column (your associations) and to talk about how each part of you relates to the other, or how each part is experiencing something else. It is remarkable how easy it is to make sense of a nonsensical dream.

Dreams. Tune into them. Trust them. Listen to them. They are the whisperings and the callings of your soul. What are your dreams? And what do your night dreams tell you about you?

Share if you feel like it, and tell me if you have a dream that means something to you.