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Courage to Love

Yesterday, I sat in an assembly for Year 9 students. The school where I teach has decided to institute something called a ‘Culture for Learning’. The first step is to have the ‘Courage to Learn in Silence’. I like it. Twenty minutes of silent, independent thinking and effort – with teacher assistance nearby, as needed. Students find it hard. But they have been told to expect this in every class, every day. They’re improving, day by day. It reminds me of something…

This arrived on my Facebook page today. I love it. The courage to learn. The courage to kiss…and hug. Way to develop a ‘Culture for Love’. 

Do you need courage to love?

What courage looks like

Lina and Jehad 1

“My dear friends in Lebanon…who were the first Arabs to welcome me to life in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and who taught by example: tremendous integrity, simplicity in living, passion, goodness, hospitality, loyalty to family, friends, work, play…and who laugh, philosophise, don’t over-think, cherish peace…I salute you in this battle of battles. And I hold you in my heart, you beauties.” – LL on Facebook

Photographer: Dr. Khaled M. Hamad on Twitter @drkhamad

Lina and Jehad 2