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Signs. Signals. Hints. Suggestions.

You trip over them. They hit you on the head. You’re smacked in the proverbial ‘face’ with them (or you come face to face with your truth, which you may not recognize at first, until it hurts). They come to you in conversations, through readings, through direct experience, through events that happen in life, through the jealousy you feel over what others have in their lives that you do not, and more. What’s going on here?

You know. There are signs and signals that you are meant to heed, and they exist and make themselves known to you because, in a moment, something in you understands very well what you need for your well being. Or that understanding comes in the form of recognizing what it is you do not need for your well being. What are the signs that you are not paying attention to?

In a word, are you happy? If not, why not? Ask yourself what tells you you are not. What are the signs? Or ask yourself what you are not happy with, and make a list. Then ask yourself: if I could be, do and have anything (it is a simple, strong, good place to start), what would it be?

At the end of this exercise, ask yourself how you feel. Chances are, if you feel better, you’ve started to get in touch what something you haven’t been listening to. That’s good work and work enough for today.

One piece of homework: watch for the signs of possibility. Report back if you have any success with this.

– Lorelei Loveridge