I continue to teach Drama and Theatre to students in Grades 6-12 at ISG Jubail, an American international school in Jubail, Saudi Arabia – home to the largest oil industrial city in the world. As of this date (late Aug 2017), I am preparing to launch classes for my third year here at the school. This is the year we prepare to launch our IB program in Sept 2018. I spent my summer house sitting in cures town Bad Nauheim, Germany and writing the IB Theatre course for 2018! Whoo hoo!

I am the founder of a program for women called How Women Heal, and am currently preparing to launch coaching packages in September 2017. This is a personal project of importance to me, and at present 700 women are in the Facebook group where discussions occur and free resources are shared. If it resonates with you, come join us. I offer support to women who have suffered greatly in various areas of their lives and who are in the process of healing. More on the How Women Heal website. More information about my qualifications and experience as a counsellor and coach in the site menu above.

I am penning a memoir that I have been working on for exactly one year. I’m 388 pages in with the help of a book editor out of Texas, now writing the ending of this in the 2017-18 year. Then I’ll be editing this monster! I have more books in me and this is part of my regular life routine – to write. It’s been a longtime dream. No time like the present to just do it.

I am engaged in a mission to lose weight and over eight months from January to August 2017, I lost 38 lbs. It has been highly rewarding. That’s almost the size of a suitcase, though you’d never have known it! I run a Biggest Loser competition and support group focusing on wellness and health for the schools I work at. This year will be the 5th year I do this. Last year’s group of 21 teachers lost over 100 lbs in six months. I will continue the weight loss and wellness journey. My diet is loosely paleo. I exercise three times a day and meditate at least once a day. I’m aiming for twice daily this year.

I am also saving to buy my first home in England.

This concludes my ‘Now’ (as of Aug 2017). Thanks for reading. 🙂

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