Workshops, Presentations, Keynotes

Would you like to have me facilitate a workshop or speak at your next event?

I have delivered presentations in several countries to children and adults on many topics:

  • mindful-self compassion
  • Zen meditation and the silent retreat
  • compassionate action
  • use of technology in the school classroom (digital literacy without fostering addicts)
  • fine arts innovation – why and how we should get out of our classroom caves and collaborate
  • travel and travel-related shenanigans (one western woman’s perspective on the Middle East)
  • Arab culture and Saudi women’s culture
  • cultural adjustment for expatriates – coming and going
  • values based SMART goal planning and achievement
  • how to be a globally mobile entrepreneur and get signed to an Indian record label
  • suicide prevention
  • technology applications for business and learning
  • creative creators
  • how to write the perfect song

…and much more.

My latest was on mindful self-compassion and Zen meditation following two summer retreats in Holland and in Portugal. Read about the Zen retreat here.

Tell me what I can do for you:

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everything you want is on the other side of fear. jfdi. live to love. lead as you would follow. shoot for the stars.