How Do You Take Your Corners?

There is a blind spot before you turn most corners. You have to turn to see what’s coming ahead, and it is not always possible to know. There might be a wall in the way. There might be something unforeseen moving in your direction, and that might be good, very good, beautiful even. Or it might not be. It might be hard, harder than you expect, too hard to manage. Except you always do manage, somehow.

Fear is a funny thing, akin to worry. Continue reading How Do You Take Your Corners?

What courage looks like

Lina and Jehad 1

“My dear friends in Lebanon…who were the first Arabs to welcome me to life in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and who taught by example: tremendous integrity, simplicity in living, passion, goodness, hospitality, loyalty to family, friends, work, play…and who laugh, philosophise, don’t over-think, cherish peace…I salute you in this battle of battles. And I hold you in my heart, you beauties.” – LL on Facebook

Photographer: Dr. Khaled M. Hamad on Twitter @drkhamad

Lina and Jehad 2


I begin my day with a mantra meditation and central thought, both inspired by the meditation series created by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey: “So hum.” I am. I am free. I am free. I am free.

The mountain I imagine I face is a Rocky Mountain from near to where I come from. Banff. Snow at the top. Ice on the peak. Beautiful skiffs of snow blowing off the top. Sky full of colour. Beautiful. Continue reading Friday

It’s Tuesday


It’s Tuesday. Just another Tuesday. But the Tuesday I tell you, dear friend and reader, that I am now a writer. Yours, present, in the public domain, honest and bearing of my thoughts and feelings and, some might say, my soul.

For whatever it is worth, there will be no more trying. No more promising to myself and others that I will get around to it. No more broken promises and u-turns. No more shame and running away in fear of imperfection. Today is the day, and it will be the same day of the week, every week, for the next year, that I come to you and speak.

I will tell you things.

Stories. For I have lived rich and simple, travelling far and wide. I have many stories to tell. I read stories all my young life, thanks to my mother who read them to me and taught me to love stories. Tracy Chapman, a musical hero of mine, once said that books were windows to the world. Indeed, at fifteen, I stopped reading and dreamed of travelling the world.

Many years later, in a university classroom, I learned the power of storytelling and its power to change lives, even communities. I became a poor actor, a very good director, a teacher of drama and English, terrified of the insurmountable challenge ahead of me. Simultaneously I have been down roads as a songwriter that brought me to many stops and starts, points of confusion about one question: what did I want to do with my life?

I will share with you other things also, in this forum I have created for my own resoundingly lonely voice. And I hope your thoughts will be the echo of mine, changed by what you have heard, unique in your own way, and we can dialogue about the meaning of life. I would like that. I do better when I know someone is listening.

I think I may talk about a handful of matters near and dear to my heart, and these I will refrain from naming at present. Let it be a surprise. For awhile, as my friends from the Philippines say.

It’s Tuesday. This is what I want to say to you. You know where to find me on Tuesday.

You Get To Choose

You get to choose the way you respond to life. In all its mundaneness and glory, you get to choose. This commencement speech to graduates by author David Foster Wallace says it all.

Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, a book on personal growth and self accountability that touched my life once upon a time, also spoke of the importance of recognising that each one of us can choose to see the world as though the world evolves around us. Or we can choose to see the world with an understanding that every living person in it is having an experience, which we are not likely to be privy to.

We can choose to judge others, bemoan others and complain that others are to blame for our experiences; ie. we can take a cynical view of the world and of others who share it with us and convince ourselves that others are selfish and out to do what they do at our expense. We can justify our own negativity, lashing out, criticisms, inability to show kindness, you name it. Or we can choose to practice acceptance, and let that be the foundation of resilience. We can choose to practice empathy, without all the details and without knowing the full experience of others. We can simply choose to learn patience and let that sink in as a quality worth having.

I love this. It is a good reminder of how to live in the world.

You Rise

You rise early because you sleep early. You wonder if this is good. Will you tire midway through the morning? Will you go speechless and dumb and nod your head and lean on your hand resting on your elbow and rock dumbly thinking, “Day, will you end now?” No.

You will find a sacred space in that peace. No one talks. No one drives by. No one walks near. You sit and need not even close your eyes to find the meditation. For the meditation is in the practice of rising against your tiredness. The flow of a day begins with the day breaking into your consciousness like a wave creeps towards the dunes and, by god, the cool disappears with the warmth of a sun rising over them.

What you imagine fills you with a rotund satisfaction. If it is good, if you love it, if you nurture it, if you give it space, if you believe in it, if you surrender to it, if you open to it, if you have heart for it, if you only will give it your sustenance, some little attention for but minutes of your day, perhaps in this early morning, you might actually find…you grow.

So, grow.

How does it feel?

Birds call to one another and this is your cue: the meditation is over. Your day will be beautiful, even if it is bleak. Your sun will rise and shine even if behind a cloud. Your rain will be warm and you will not feel it because you are strong enough to open your eyes and see what you see without judgement, with only an open heart.


Signs. Signals. Hints. Suggestions.

You trip over them. They hit you on the head. You’re smacked in the proverbial ‘face’ with them (or you come face to face with your truth, which you may not recognize at first, until it hurts). They come to you in conversations, through readings, through direct experience, through events that happen in life, through the jealousy you feel over what others have in their lives that you do not, and more. What’s going on here?

You know. There are signs and signals that you are meant to heed, and they exist and make themselves known to you because, in a moment, something in you understands very well what you need for your well being. Or that understanding comes in the form of recognizing what it is you do not need for your well being. What are the signs that you are not paying attention to?

In a word, are you happy? If not, why not? Ask yourself what tells you you are not. What are the signs? Or ask yourself what you are not happy with, and make a list. Then ask yourself: if I could be, do and have anything (it is a simple, strong, good place to start), what would it be?

At the end of this exercise, ask yourself how you feel. Chances are, if you feel better, you’ve started to get in touch what something you haven’t been listening to. That’s good work and work enough for today.

One piece of homework: watch for the signs of possibility. Report back if you have any success with this.

– Lorelei Loveridge

everything you want is on the other side of fear. jfdi. live to love. lead as you would follow. shoot for the stars.