Good Morning Wake Up and Thought for the Day

Good morning.

You have arrived. You sit in the silence of awakening and like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon you unfold. Your mind comes to life. What thoughts are within? Listen.

Is your face awake? Is your skin awake? Hold your face in your hands and simply feel what it is like to do this. It is like holding a baby. It is like holding something precious that cannot hold itself. Feel the weight of your head in your hands and let go. Let go of all the thoughts and simply feel the warmth of your hands upon your face. Fingers over your eyes. Cheeks in the palm of your hands. Chin nestled between them. You hold the key to your own awakening. Take care. Hold your head in your hands and let go of all thoughts of judgement and worry. Let go of all that ails you. Just sit and feel the warmth of this simply action and let go. Waken. Thaw. Warm up to the possibilities and let them unfold. Hold yourself in the highest regard and start where you are. And when you have this sense that you are there for you, lift your head and go.

Begin with a meditation and a mantra to help you find peace. Peace is the key to happiness. Hold that essence – some say it is the soul – that is yours until you believe everything is as it should be. For it is. There is an order to life. There is an order in this universe. There is an absolute call and response system to the way we choose to live. It exists. It is real. Trust it.

Start your day with love, self love, universal love, unconditional love, basic love, expansive love, only love. Ponder what it means to love yourself and others. This is a simply act that can only bring goodness to you and the world you live in. Ponder this as you ready yourself for the day. Consider it a walking meditation. Ponder this as you navigate traffic to get to your place of work. Love.

It is all there is. It is the only thing that matters. It is a choice that humans make and can make. Love. It starts with a simple intention. Trust this and dwell in this. Go forward in your day and love yourself as gently as you can. Love others in this way, too.


Good morning.