Festivals and Events

TEDx Summit • Doha Tribeca Film Festival • Chorlton Coffee Festival • Womex World Music Conference

What I’ve done and do

With a master’s degree in arts management and two decades of experience in theatre, the music industry and festival management and planning…I can help you launch both a professionally planned, controlled, and innovative website, event, or program that will be marketed for optimal impact and attendance. 

Event and festival management is a creative, multi-faceted endeavour. The work I have done and can do for you is this: strategic planning, production, marketing, fundraising and PR of festivals, events, conferences, international trips and more. I have worked with individuals and organizations on projects at various phases of development.

If you are in need of a project manager, coordinator, team or project leader, marketing director or any combination of these , don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how I can be of service.

Major Projects

In 2013, I founded and produced of the Chorlton Coffee Festival

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I developed the concept and name for the Manchester Art Factory, an international design firm based in Manchester, UK that lost its name due to online identity theft. The goal was to help the company establish itself in a better way. The name holds the prestige of the position and location of the artist. Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 16.40.33



From the concept to the design, I worked with psychotherapist Sarah Pritchard of Space 2 B Natural to develop her WordPress website for prospective clients…all through the Zoom platform so she could see it being built from the UK as I sat at my office space in Saudi Arabia. Sarah gets a lot of compliments on it. There’s nothing I love more than to help caregivers put their message out there and – more – learn to use technology to manage their marketing and communications. Now, if you need a great therapist, by the way…


Aside from thirty years of music marketing for my own events intercontinentally, I have led the radio, print media, social media, advertising, direct marketing and stage management for the first Winter Songs concert featuring Kirsty Almeida & The Troubadours with Sandra Whetham as artistic designer.



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