How Do You Take Your Corners?

There is a blind spot before you turn most corners. You have to turn to see what’s coming ahead, and it is not always possible to know. There might be a wall in the way. There might be something unforeseen moving in your direction, and that might be good, very good, beautiful even. Or it might not be. It might be hard, harder than you expect, too hard to manage. Except you always do manage, somehow.

Fear is a funny thing, akin to worry. A wealthy and wise man once told me something his grandmother told him: 99% of worry is a waste of energy. Thinking about it, I had to agree. That 1% keeps you alert, looking. The rest is misplaced energy. So, how do you deal with that?

Fretting is a habit of expectation. It is the assumption that something dreadful will happen, and it keeps you locked in fear, whatever the degree of that fear may be.

What if you were to let go and trust, by choice? Faith is an act of trust. It is a choice you make to believe that everything will be alright, no matter what is coming at you, no matter what is around the next corner of your life. Trust that good things are coming. Let go of your worries. Give yourself reprieve from the stress of fretting. Surrender into a deep peace, in any moment you can, and tell yourself that life is fundamentally safe and good, and good things happen to good people like you. Because it is true.

As for the rest, you’ll handle it. You always do.