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Are you in need of extra support in your life?

Has life changed or is it about to? Are you moving, are you moving internationally, are you changing jobs or careers, or is a relationship changing or coming to an end? All of these circumstances can cause difficult feelings to rise to the surface, making ordinary life more difficult.

Or are you dealing with a critical situation? Often we suffer in silence. Then a crisis hits like loss of employment, death, breakup, health crisis, or war (I’m not joking; I’ve lived through one). Or perhaps you’re starting to feel like you’re withering from a long period of existential malaise or melancholy associated with a lack of personal or spiritual fulfillment.

Whatever the situation, something is coming up within, prompting you to finally take action. This is a positive step to take, and a brave one. Why? Globally, there is an increased awareness of the importance of mental health and physical wellbeing. Yet, people naturally hesitate to reach out until we reach a point of frustration or hit rock bottom in some way. This is what increases a readiness to move forward. Working with others can speed up that process of change or healing.

Here is how I can help.

Sometimes the starting point is having a safe, dedicated time and space where you can collect your thoughts with a trained listener who can listen with objectivity and help you clarify and work out your next steps. This is the process of coaching. You determine the goals of these sessions. I provide the support and expertise you need as you need it.

This process may take some time as you clarify your needs and wants and build up your inner and external resources for change. Our work may be targeted goals-focused coaching or more in-depth counseling to help you work through what is at the center of your difficulty.

Sometimes if not most of the time, our mindset or perspective can be the problem…getting in the way of us taking the important decisions and creating the essential habits that help us make changes where needed. Sometimes the very real problem is the set of circumstances you presently find yourself in. Either way, you’re here likely because you’re aware of the need to make decisions about what to do about the difficulties either that either your view of things or your actual circumstances present.

Coaching and counseling are focused on the interaction between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors or actions. How we think about ourselves and the world is 100% critical to the way we navigate the waves or the ups and downs of life. Counselling and coaching are two different modalities which can help you develop more effective strategies for dealing with difficulties and/or the depression that comes as a result.

The process of working with me…

The process of working with me is essentially integrative and person-centred, which means I utilize a variety of creative and therapeutic techniques to help you work through what you’re feeling and struggling with, what is causing this to happen, and what you can do next.

Person-centered means you are the expert on your life. I am not. But I can hold up the mirror and reflect back to you what I am hearing and seeing. You fundamentally determine the goals we work on. I provide the introspective place for you to be able to identify them.

The process is, of course, confidential and reflective. I can provide directive or non-directive support, but always you will be the one to decide what is right for you in both our work together and in your life…because this is your life. We work at a pace that is comfortable for you and find solutions that deliver (1) increased health, (2) inner peace and confidence, (3) improved relationships or comfort in social situations as well as (3) balance in your life.

Your confidentiality is assured.

My areas of interest and expertise are: 

  • expatriate issues including change management/planning and cultural adjustment
  • grief/loss
  • fiscal and career crisis
  • chronic pain/health difficulties
  • relationship dilemmas
  • identity issues
  • excessive stress and anxiety
  • post-traumatic stress
  • suicidal feelings and urge


Expatriate counselling

As expatriates, we often lack the professional support necessary to see ourselves through issues that can crop up as a result of living in isolation or feeling unsettled in a place that is unfamiliar.

Living in a small community can make it difficult to find a safe space to open up about one’s private thoughts and feelings. As a ‘third culture adult’ who has resided in several countries over twenty years, I understand. I have experienced these difficulties myself, and moved through the various challenges more than once that expatriate living can present.

You really do not have to be alone with your pain, regardless of where you reside. My aim is to provide you with effective, affordable  to help you make the adjustments you need to make in order to feel good about where you are and where you are going.


About my work as a counselor…

I am currently engaged in post-graduate studies in psychotherapy and counseling because it is long overdue, but I have trained and worked in an emotionally supportive person-centred capacity for over 30 years in these capacities with a number of agencies and prominent organizations:

  • youth and adult crisis counsellor (government and private agencies)
  • university student counsellor and student help agency administrator
  • distress and suicide-prevention listener
  • career counsellor and director of special needs in job search
  • teacher of personal and social education within the counselling department
  • organisational and educational consultant/ leader (led leadership teams and initiatives)
  • personal life coach (individuals of all walks of life, mainly focused on health and need for change)
  • business coach (entrepreneurs)
  • executive coach (executives in high-pressure positions of superintendent and political leadership)

My training:

My training has been mainly focused on creative therapies, person-centred listening (agency training), and counseling. I am also engaged in meditative work on two fronts – Zen training and Mindful Self Compassion – for stress reduction and clarity of focus.

  • Currently studying counseling and psychotherapy with Athabasca University (Canada).
  • (2019) Dramatherapy with University of Roehampton (UK).
  • (2018 and 2020) Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer (Mindful Self-Compassion) at the Centrum voor Mindfulness, (Holland) and 1440 Multiversity (California, USA).
  • (2018) Zen meditation with Hamid Ebadi of Maitri Retreats at the Karuna Center (Portugal).

I hold a Bachelor of Education in Drama and English and a Master of Business Management degree. My post-graduate research focused on leadership, teams, systems thinking, and change management including the psychological and social factors of change.

Professional guidelines I follow…

I abide by the ethical guidelines for the provision of counselling and listening support as outlined by EduCare UK Safeguarding and Samaritans, UK/US. I also follow the International Coaching Federation guidelines for the provision of coaching.

How to reach me…

You can reach me via my Contact page on this site. I offer face to face counselling and coaching in person or online where you can access this service from the comfort of your home.

*Coaching is a collaborative process whereby I support you to identify specific problems and determine actionable steps forward based on strategies like SMART goal planning and strategizing. You determine the direction you want to go in. I help you determine how to achieve this and bring in specific techniques and/or guidance to help you. Together we monitor your progress.

*Counselling is a process where we explore your feelings, the origins and dynamics of your conflict, as well as the sources of your experiences BEFORE we move into changing either the internal or external dynamics and realities that are causing your stress or distress. Goals are an important part of this process, though these are not necessary clear at the start, and nor are they necessarily time-bound or short-term or driven heavily by action-oriented approaches. Talk therapy is an important component in and of its own right for healing. I am not the expert on your life; you are. In a person-centred counseling role, I provide the opportunity for you to consider what is happening and how you might proceed, offering insights that I may have which may be of value.  We are also partners in this process, but it will be less directive and more focused on YOU.

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