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Are you in need of extra support in your life?

Often we suffer in silence. Then a crisis hits (like loss of employment, death, relationship difficulty, health crisis, war – I’m not joking – I’ve lived through one – etc). Or you’re withering from a long period of existential malaise or melancholy associated with a lack of personal or spiritual fulfillment.

Whatever the situation, something is coming up within, prompting you to finally take action. This is a positive step to take, and a brave one.


Globally, there is an increased awareness of the importance of mental health and physical wellbeing. Yet, people naturally hesitate to reach out until they reach a point of frustration or hit rock bottom in some way. This is what increases a readiness to move forward with the help of others.

Here is where I hope to help.

Targeted short-term or more in-depth medium/long term interventions can help us gain new ways of thinking when we just cannot think our way out of a box. That is to say, sometimes if not most of the time, our mindset or perspective can be the problem. It’s what gets in the way of us taking the important decisions and creating the essential habits that help us make changes where needed. The way we think (and how we manage our feelings) is 100% critical to the way we navigate the waves of life (the ups and downs). Both counselling and coaching, which are two different modalities*, can help you develop more effective strategies for dealing with difficulties and/or the depression that comes as a result.

(*Scroll to bottom for further information on coaching vs. counselling.)

I have worked for thirty years with adults and teens in counselling (my experience and qualifications are outlined below). It is my goal to help you explore the issues affecting you in a safe manner.

The process of working with me…

The process of working with me is person-centred, and based upon the principles of helping you find your own solutions through dialogue, reflection, and questioning. The very act of dialoguing in this manner often brings up thoughts and considerations that you may not have thought about. We work at a pace that is comfortable for you and find solutions that deliver (1) increased health, (2) inner peace and confidence as well as (3) balance in your life.

Your confidentiality is assured.

An initial session will be free of charge to determine if the way I work is a good match for you.

My areas of interest and expertise are: 

  • change management
  • grief
  • loss
  • fiscal and career crisis
  • health difficulties
  • relationship issues
  • identity issues
  • excessive stress and anxiety
  • post-traumatic stress
  • suicidal feelings and urges
  • expatriate issues


Expatriate counselling

Expatriates in particular often lack the professional support necessary to see them through issues that can crop up as a result of living in isolation or feeling unsettled in a place that is unfamiliar. Living in a small community can make it difficult to find a safe space to open up about one’s private thoughts and feelings. As a ‘third culture adult’ who has resided in several countries over twenty years, I understand.

You do  not have to be alone with your pain, regardless of where you reside. My aim is to provide expatriates with effective, affordable support, in contrast to some of the expensive services that exist online.

Professional guidelines I follow…

I am trained in and abide by the following ethical guidelines for the provision of counselling and listening support: EduCare UK Safeguarding and Samaritans, UK, also based in the US. I abide by the International Coaching Federation guidelines for the provision of coaching.

You can reach me via my Contact page on this site. I offer face to face counselling and coaching in person or online where you can access this service from the comfort of your home. 


I have trained and worked in an emotionally supportive person-centred capacity for over 30 years as a:

  • youth and adult crisis counsellor
  • university student counsellor and agency assistant director
  • distress and suicide-prevention listener
  • career counsellor and director of special needs
  • teacher of personal and social education within a counselling department
  • organisational and educational consultant/ leader
  • personal life coach
  • business coach

Organizations I have served include:


  • Alberta Social Services (Youth Worker)
  • University of Alberta Student Help agency (Assistant Director and Student Counsellor)
  • Independent Counselling Enterprises (Distress and Suicide Prevention Counselling)
  • McMan Youth Services (Youth Worker)
  • Hire-a-Student, Canada (Director of Special Needs).


  • Qatar Foundation/Qatar Academy (Personal and Social Education and Counselling Liason)


  • Samaritans* (Listener and Deputy of Outreach providing face to face and telephone crisis support, suicide prevention and information)

My training has been with:

  • Personal Best Seminars (Canada)
  • MuseWorks (Canada), Emotional Intelligence
  • Omega Institute (USA)
  • Uplevel Your Life and Business, Becoming 360
  • The Coaching Academy (UK), accredited by the ICF
  • Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer (Mindful Self-Compassion) at the Centrum voor Mindfulness, (Holland)
  • Zen meditation teacher Hamid Ebadi of Maitri Retreats at the Karuna Center (Portugal)

I hold a Bachelor of Education in Drama and English and a Master of Business Management degree. My post-graduate research focused on leadership, teams, change management, and the psychology of change. I further have a post-graduate certificate in creative writing with Humber College under the mentorship of Canadian author Karen Connelly, and courses for a Master of Science in IT/Education with the State University of New York (Buffalo).

*Coaching is geared more towards identifying solvable problems and determining actionable solutions based on strategies like SMART goal planning and strategizing, while counselling is a process where we explore your feelings and the sources of your experiences in more depth.

The aim in counselling is to arrive at solutions that arise from your increased awareness of the issues and consequences of your actions and those of others around you.

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