2016 Break Through

Are you suffering? Craving REAL change, real shifts in finances, in career and in your own being – your self and your personal life? I am here to help.

My clients tell me, I ‘get’ them and they, as a result, get profound shifts – even from just a few sessions (read to the bottom of this).

IF you are willing to gift yourself with a starter package of four coaching sessions for the new year (or we can start now – before the new year), I will throw in the fifth for free. I work with:

1. Your life and your ‘story’ – what you are about and what matters to you most
2. Your stated goals
3. The questions you’re stuck on – indecision
4. Your lack of productivity and the plan you need help making.

You will also receive tools and weekly email support to keep you going and working through your ‘stuck spots’ so that 2016 is a remarkable year for you – you’ll be happier and on your way to some very exciting new changes based on the goals that you set and go after in the new year. Support that propels you to action is the key.

Reach out if this sounds right to you. Why not take aim towards your future – and let go? Try something new.

Here for you,
Lorelei Loveridge

Head on over to the Store, if you’re ready to take control of your life again. You’ve got this.


Everything’s changed since I met Lorelei. Not in any obvious way. I’m still a small-time musician and writer, still a long way from a Grammy Award or Booker Prize. Even so, everything’s changed.

Where I used to have a tangled mass of endless jobs and unfinished projects, I’ve now got a career – a plan. And where there used to be sorrowful glances when anyone asked what I did for a living, there’s now a little crowd of willing volunteers helping things along.

I’m performing, teaching, selling CDs, getting published … and somehow, just recently, it’s all been bringing in more money that I’ve earned for a long time.

So if you’re hesitating, wondering whether a couple of sessions with Lorelei would do you any good, my advice would be to get down off the fence right now and get on with it. Time’s a-wastin,’ and she won’t put up with that.

– Phil Busbyhttp://philbusby.wix.com/blues

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