Bohemia Schemia

The wonderful world of Lorelei Loveridge’s creations awaits you. Click to learn more:

    • Bakhoor – the CD, the ‘multi-cultural tour-de-force’ recorded over 4 years in Saudi Arabia, (Bollywood) India and Canada
    • Desert Feet – the book of memoirs that tells how a western woman could fall in love with the Middle East and spend over a decade living in one of the most restrictive countries in the world – Saudi Arabia
    • The Day the Earth Turned Dayglo – the movie about foreign English teachers in the Middle East during the heat of 9/11
    • Orderly Bazaar Records & Publishing – the little boutique record label and music adventure company specialised in ‘roots, rock, ethnic, jazz, fusion and other travel-related shenanigans’
    • Orderly Bazaar Global – how we engage in the big, wide world of community service and more; our commitment to help eradicate extreme poverty

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