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Short Bio

Lorelei Loveridge is a published songwriter, recording artist, performer, world-traveller, drama and media teacher, activist, arts manager, coach, consultant, writer, photographer, director of theatre, marketer, and jill-of-all-trades in the wonderful world of art and music making.

She originally hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has lived in the UK and Qatar, and is finishing off her second long stint in Saudi Arabia for what has been a total of 19 years in the country – 11 from the period of 1996-2007 and 8 since 2015. In autumn 2023, Loveridge is moving north up the Arabian/Persian Gulf coastline into her third GCC country: Kuwait. 

Loveridge’s music has been played by radio DJ’s as far and wide as India, Bhutan, Qatar, Canada, the US, the UK, Denmark, and Greece.

Loveridge is the founder of Performing Songwriters United Worldwide (PSUW).

Orderly Bazaar Records & Publishing is Loveridge’s globally mobile boutique label, music adventure company and multi-media publisher specialized in ‘roots, rock, ethnic, jazz, fusion and other travel-related shenanigans’.

The ‘Multi-Cultural Tour-de-Force’ – Bakhoor

Canadian artist Lorelei Loveridge has lived for 19 years in Saudi Arabia, pre and post 9/11, and loves it. She has experienced religious zealots, compound invasions, a terrorist chase, earthquake, tsunami, war in Lebanon, crazy drivers, nutty expats and more, and survived to tell the tales in story and song. Her physical, personal, and musical journey is documented in Bakhoor, a 4-year, 15-song album project recorded in India, Canada and Saudi Arabia. It features some of the finest players from across the globe including Brian Hughes (producer of Loreena McKennitt), Harry Manx and Lester Quitzau.

A contemporary acoustic songwriter who draws comparisons with Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell, Loveridge pairs a passionate political sense with an understanding of the complex personal stories that go beyond politics. Loveridge and Canadian producer Rob Hewes have woven the sounds of tabla, oud, darbuka, Tibetan overtone chants, violin, bazouki, Latin/African/slide blues guitar into a richly-textured, multicultural tour-de-force.

While “Home is Where the Heart Is”—a song about the pain of a mother and her Palestinian daughter—is the first single off of the album, U.S. songwriter and 35-time Grammy award-winning guitar legend Dick Wagner said this of Loveridge and Bakhoor: “Her vocals are hauntingly emotive, her songs are beautifully structured folk/pop creations and her musicians are world-class interpreters of her musical vision…The brilliant ‘Oh, India’ sets the tone and atmosphere for this musical journey…a journey you won’t forget. I personally love Lorelei’s music and recommend it to all seekers of sophisticated yet accessible music.”

What others have to say about Lorelei Loveridge and Bakhoor

“Lovely voice…be very proud of where you have taken your music.” – David Kershenbaum (Producer, Tracy Chapman), USA

“Astounding talent.” – Julian Lewry, Julian Lewry Music, UK

“The album is brilliant.” – Dave Ward, CKUA Radio “The Afternoon Edition”, Canada

“Wonderful, new Middle Eastern influenced album. A wonderful outing.” – Grant Stovel, CKUA Radio “Alberta Disc-overies”, Canada

“It’s serious stuff.” – Mike Sadava, Penguin Eggs Magazine, Canada’s Folk, Roots, and World Music Magazine

“A wonderful recording and project throughout. I really appreciate the commitment, attention to detail, production quality, songwriting skill and performances by everyone involved.” – Holger Peterson, President, Stony Plain Records, Canada’s Roots, Rock, Country, Folk, & Blues Label

“Like the fragrance of foreign lands, the most memorable quality of the album might be the intangible social insights that seep out from between the lines of Loveridge’s songs, on top of the potent images and stories she has woven into this entertaining travelogue…Despite the entrancing music, the greatest strengths of Bakhoor might be in the storytelling. Loveridge was in a unique position to observe the overlap of eastern and western cultures, clashing religious beliefs, rich and poor, terrorism and war, and documents the humanity with an acute vision.” – Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal, Canada

“A 15-track opus. Wow, this gal gets around!” – SEE Magazine, Edmonton, Canada

“Beautiful. Fantastic CD. So listenable, there’s so much in it. The front cover is fantastic: 36 small pictures. Every time I look at the CD, I’m seeing something different. They’re telling me a story. Oh, India is my favorite. I’m just so envious of the life she’s led. ” – Ali O’Brien, ‘Ali O’Brien’s Sounds of Folk’, Oldham Community Radio, UK

“Lorelei Loveridge’s gig at the Blue Chair was phenomenal! She is one of the best storytellers around. Beautiful voice, her song writing is spectacular and the patter between songs both heartfelt and enlightening. In all, just a mesmerizing performance!” – Sarah Pocklington, Asani, Award winning Aboriginal women’s vocal trio, Canada

“Finally Lorelei Loveridge, our visitor from Canada, entertained us royally with some from her latest album of which I Need To Go and Home Is Where The Heart Is…were outstanding.” – Don and Heather Davies, Sale Folk Club News, UK

“Wow!! I’m sincerely enjoying these songs and can’t believe how well she tells a story in the lyrics. It’s clear she’s actually spent time in some of these places. Lived it. Not just travelled through in a 5-star.” – Daniel Thompson,, Dubai, UAE

“A female version of Paul Simon insomuch as experimentation, openness and confidence in her music as well as musical ability. I think she’ll go far!” – Ursula, ‘The EXR Unsigned Show’, 96.9 FM The Real Voice of Manchester, UK

“Don’t miss her world; don’t miss her.” – Debbie Busby, Folk Northwest, UK

3 thoughts on “Bakhoor”

  1. Your music and songs are inspirational! Having lived and traveled in these beautiful countries, your words speak to my heart. As I listen, I recall such wonderful memories of people, colors, sounds, festivals and animals. I love that God/The Universe/Buddha… planned for us to walk our current journey here in SA. Looking forward to adventure of this coming year.

  2. Wow, sharing an evening with friends and you came up in conversation. We were talking about our past and interesting people who crossed our lives. I googled and found…. Ok you look beautifully young, I swear this couldn’t be you till I read your bio… hailed from Edmonton Alberta…. It’s you . Wow you have moved mountains, your inspiring bio was a pleasure to read, and great to read where you are now.

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