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Counsellor/coach, educator, artist, globe trotter • 25 years of international education, leadership, musical performance and arts management

Hello, I’m Lorelei.

What can I tell you? Essentially, I am a project oriented individual and have a number of passions. But to categorise or summarise, I am a life and small business coach, counsellor, teacher, world traveller and artist with an insatiable appetite for learning and innovation.

You can find my CV on LinkedIn here.

My professional music bio which summarizes my adventures in travel is here.

You can learn more about my teaching here.

I coach (with a targeted focus on finding solutions to problems) creatives, entrepreneurs and  organisational leaders. I also coach and counsel (medium to longer-term) individuals who are suffering from grief, loss, and identity upset due to death, career crisis and relationship problems. I particularly understand the needs of expatriates who have unique circumstances to deal with on top of the usual difficulties in life.

Look at the ‘Now‘ link on this site to find out what I’m doing at present.

Drop me a line if I can help you.

Best, Lorelei

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Think about it!

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Wow! You have done so well for yourself!
    Have not seen you since D S Mackenzie School some
    25 years ago and I heard a song tonight and thought of you.

    Sending warm thoughts and energy your way!
    Gary Smith

  2. Hi Gary! Nice to hear from you. Wow! DS? Ages ago. 🙂 I see you’re with my old employer in Canada. Find me on FB and let’s catch up.

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