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Counsellor/coach, educator, artist, globe trotter • 30 years of  international education, leadership, performance, and arts management

Hello, I’m Lorelei.

What can I tell you? I am a project oriented individual and have a number of passions. To categorise or summarise, I am a life and small business coach, a counsellor, a teacher of drama (and for many years I taught and was head of English), a world traveller, and an artist with an insatiable appetite for learning and innovation.

You can find my CV on LinkedIn here.

My professional music bio which summarizes my adventures in travel is here.

You can learn more about my teaching here.

I coach creatives, entrepreneurs and  organisational leaders in business development and work-life balance. While I can build your website and coach on your strategic business plan, what I find is that there is a need also to explore the impacts of stress and striving, and the critical balance of mindset coupled with practices and habits…or people lose traction fast on personal goals and projects with business aims. With professionals, we examine also professional issues such as organizational relationships and leadership, and strategies for obtaining better outcomes with less stress on all stakeholders.

I also counsel (over a longer period of time) individuals who are suffering from grief, loss, and identity upset due to death, career crisis and relationship problems.

I particularly understand the needs of expatriates who have unique circumstances to deal with on top of the usual difficulties in life.

Additionally, I have a passion for suicide prevention and have worked in the UK with Samaritans as a volunteer listener as well as a Director of Outreach in Manchester.

Finally, I work with clients dealing with the often complex challenges of chronic pain/illness and post injury recovery…which can be very emotionally fatiguing and frustrating.

My current focus is a project dedicated to women called How Women Heal, which was inspired in 2017 by the deep concern I have felt for some years now over the lack of women in leadership organizationally and politically, and the need to help women gain the courage and skills to enter more powerful streams for decision-making and the governance of our planet.

Drop me a line if I can help you.

Best, Lorelei

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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Wow! You have done so well for yourself!
    Have not seen you since D S Mackenzie School some
    25 years ago and I heard a song tonight and thought of you.

    Sending warm thoughts and energy your way!
    Gary Smith

  2. Hi Gary! Nice to hear from you. Wow! DS? Ages ago. 🙂 I see you’re with my old employer in Canada. Find me on FB and let’s catch up.

  3. I am one of your students from Alhada. Just saying hi!!! Amazing website btw!

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