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I have been an English teacher for 24 years and a department head of English for 9 years. I have helped thousands of ESL and ‘regular’ English students (adults and children) of all walks of life achieve what seemed like the impossible in this subject area:

1. Learn to love to read (for life), starting with a goal of 50-100 pages per week. Many of my students read well over 200 pages per week with some reading as many as 1800 pages per week regularly (and they have a life).

2. Learn to master grammar and sentencing – and build vocabulary and spelling capacity – to become…killer writers, writers with distinctive voices and style.

3. Learn to write for all text types, purposes and audiences – academically and, my preference, creatively…as well as a combination of the two. The best kind of writing is personal. That’s a loaded statement.

4. Learn to gain confidence as public speakers and presenters. I am a drama specialist, after all (my major in university). My last Year 13 student achieved an A on his GCSE Speaking and Listening assessment after failing it twice.

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