I teach drama.

I am currently in the midst of my third year as the drama and theatre studies teacher to students in Grades 6-12 at ISG Jubail, an American international school in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. This past November, I produced my first murder mystery dinner theatre (Cafe Murder…you can watch it here), with the help of a colleague who managed the restaurant ‘backstage’, thank goodness. This spring, I’m producing another show as well as a short-short play festival. Pinch me. I teach kids drama!

When I’m not doing that, I teach them about literature, mindfulness, and life. The study of plays (stories), after all, is a form of character analysis that I dare say is a lot like the psycho-social analysis of people and societies.

This spring I will attend my second actor’s training in Dubai with film and theatre actress Annie Sutton out of England who teaches the methods of commonly referred to theatre practitioners. I spend a considerable amount of time reading plays and writing/refining curriculum…oh, to be in the enviable position of having amassed all resources over years. This is what happens when you change career directions. (Note: I’m not complaining. It’s continuous education.) In Sept 2018, I expect to be teaching IB Theatre, once our school is accredited for this.

I coach women.

Following what I considered to be the overt harassment and hazing of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump and his cronies during the US presidential campaign in 2016, and the stated sexual harassment of women by Trump and his ability to get away with this, I decided that the time had come to do my part to help women step into their power. I have been doing this work for years, but on reflection I decided it was time to get closer again to the bone of what I care about – women’s issues and the power of collective action.

This led me to create a coaching protocol called How Women Heal. Essentially, is a ‘Pathway to Joy – Body, Mind, Money, Love, Life’. And in establishing this, over 800 women have joined my Facebook group where discussions occur and free resources are shared. I blog and send out inspirational music regularly for HWH and post content to support women who find value in this. Feel free to join if this is for you or head over to the website and have a look:

I write.

I am penning a memoir that I have been working on since September of 2016. I’m over 400 pages in and writing the last few chapters now. It is my healing draft, as my Colorado book editor calls it. I have no intention of publishing this any time soon, though I suspect some stories are going to find an audience in one way or another. I’m still wondering if I have a play here, a book, or a movie.

I work out.

I am engaged in the process of losing weight and gaining optimal health and fitness as I move into my 51st year. Yes, I’m 50! I’m rockin’ midlife! I embarked on a weight loss plan last summer  and began to work out three times a day, eat minimal dairy and grains, and essentially embraced a paleo lifestyle wholeheartedly. I dropped 42 pounds and gained a considerable respect for the power to change your body through a genuine and kind commitment to wholesome living. For the fifth year in a school setting, I am running a staff ‘Biggest Loser’ club. Nine women are in it this year, including myself. I still try exercise three times a day and meditate at least once a day. We’re talking small workouts, people…but 20 minutes often turns into 50. Mindset!

I travel.

My last cool journey was to the Egyptian Pyraminds, where I spent my New Year’s Eve. It was wonderful to be back. I first visited Egypt literally 20 years ago and have had the pleasure of going back a few times this year, as Cairo is a town I can’t resist.


You can see what I was up to in 2016-17 here.

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